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Signs your home might need rewiring

It can be difficult to know when your property is in need of a rewire. We've put together the following blog post to go over some of the symptoms for when this might be necessary. However, if in doubt please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team of highly experienced and friendly electricians today.

Dimming or flickering lights

If your lights are flickering, then the voltage is too high. If your lights are dimming, the voltage is too low. This can be an easy fix when carried out by an electrician but can be very dangerous for you to attempt yourself.

Regular fuse blowouts

Old fuses were never designed to handle modern appliances and need to be replaced if they constantly trip out. To avoid this, they should be upgraded to modern circuit breakers, by trained electricians.

Light bulbs burning out

Fluctuating voltage is usually the cause of your bulbs burning out. This can become a serious problem that can result in a fire, so you should consider a home rewiring as soon as you can.

Charred outlets

If your outlets, switches or sockets are charred or discoloured, you should call out an electrician quickly to take a look. This is caused by a faulty connection sparking out and creating a small fire beneath the surface. This itself is dangerous but can result in a much bigger problem.

Power fluctuations

Not only is this a health and safety risk it can also damage your electrical appliances that are plugged in. It is best to unplug as much as you can before an electrician can come out to your home.

Outdated cabling

If your home has black nylon or rubber cables with no earth OR single cottoned sheath in metal conduit, you need your home rewired. These combinations are very dangerous and are decades old, so definitely do not comply with our modern health and safety regulations.

Sparks coming from outlets

If you plug or unplug an appliance and see sparks coming from the outlet, this is a sign of a large electrical problem to be checked out by an electrician quickly.

Need a home rewiring in Chesterfield?

We hope this blog post has shown you whether you need your home rewired or not. 

We offer our home rewiring across Chesterfield, Clowne, Worksop, Sheffield, Matlock, Darley Dale, Alfreton, Heanor, Ripley, Ilkeston and Nottingham, so if you're based locally to us and are in need of a rewire, please do not hesitate to get in touch. 

To get in touch with our team of electricians today, give us a call on 07716 848802, fill out the handy contact form on our website or drop us an email at ndclmaintenance@gmail.com. We hope to hear from you soon!