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A Guide to the Consumer Unit

Below you can find out more about consumer units and the different components involved; from the Mains switches to the bus bar and much more, read on and find out about the consumer unit. 

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RCD's (Residual Current Devices) 

RCD's are what turn the power off in your home immediately after an electrical fault is identified. Thus, stopping you from receiving a fatal electrical shock by touching a live wire. This component of the consumer unit monitors the flow of electricity in your home. Another point to mention about RCD's is that as of 2008, all homes must have RCD's fitted for safety purposes. 

Mains Switches

As for the mains switches, this component controls the supply of electricity in your home. In the event of an emergency, this component should be switched off. Also, if you didn't know, this component controls the other components in the consumer unit.

Circuit Breakers 

Circuit breakers are another component of the consumer unit that we would like to mention. Firstly, each property has roughly six circuits; each circuit being controlled by a circuit breaker. Similar to RCD's (mentioned above), circuit breakers trip and turn off when discovering an electrical fault. Why? To prevent you from receiving an electrical shock. When a circuit breaker does trip, you can switch it back on; however, it is advised that you have an electrician take a look to find out where the fault is.

Bus Bar

The final component of the consumer unit to mention in this blog post is the bus bar. The bus bar essentially locks the other components in place and is a long strip of copper with teeth. In addition to this, the bus bar is only seen by electricians working on the consumer unit.

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